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Just posting to let you know that we are having some problems with the shopping cart.

If shipping is not added to your cart when you go to checkout do not complete the order. Some items will not add shipping to the total. We are NOT offering free shipping. If when you go to checkout and shipping is not charged send an email with the contents of your cart to cart@midwestsupercub.net and we will try to fix it as soon as possible. However we may take the store completely offline if you ignore this.

Also if you do make a successful order bewarned it may not be processed at the fastest speed so expect a day delay before your order is shipped this will only be temporary until we streamline the store intergration with our accounting software.

Also We have finished adding Chassis Parts to the store and have begun adding single cylinder engine parts.

Thanks for your help and patience.


Welcome to our new website will not be reposting the information on the old webpage however you can view the old site by following this link but it will not be upadated in the future.

This page will now be the new homepage. We will post specials, news, and other information on this page.

The store is not complete and only the categories that are mostly complete at the moment are the Transmission parts and Tires and Wheels categories. Pictures will not be posted on parts until this winter when we will revamp our part numbering system. If you are unsure what the part it is you are purchasing check the part number against the catalog on the internet. The online catalog will be the most up to date version of part numbers and prices.

As part of our new web page we have added a forums with which we hope the community can use as a hub for tractor pulling discussions and a place for pullers to meet and talk.

Also another addition to our website is the Midwest Super Cub Wiki. This part of the website is intended for people to help each other by sharing their knowledge. It will hopefully become a resource for the community which people can go to for information relating to garden tractor pulling or even tractors in general. There is only a help article at the moment so go forth and populate it with information.

Download our new catalog here

To get your FREE photo copy email us at Sales@midwestsupercub.net to get on our mailing list